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When I have you, I don't want others even though they are better than you. 当我有你的时候 我并不需要其它人,即使他们比你好

When love beckons to you , follow him ,though his ways are hard and steep. 当爱情向你招手,那么跟随他,尽管路途艰难陡峭 And when his wings ...

1、当我拥有你的时候,我不想要其他人,即使他们比你好。 2、当我有了你,我就不要其他人了,即使他们更好。 3、我有了你,就有了整个世界,即使丛花环绕,此心不渝。 4、当我拥有你的时候,我不想要其他东西尽管他们比你还要好。 5、"when i ha...

有一个地方只有我们知道 导演 徐静蕾 Dear Lanxin, I am sorry to write to you so abruptly. I haven't seen you in nearly thirty years. I wonder if you are well, i miss you very much. Shortly after you left that year, we moved to th...

you may refer to following tips,though you are not limited to them 你可以参考下面的提示,虽然你不局限于这些 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!


D 试题分析:Both两者都; All所有都;Eithe两个钟任何一个都;Neither两者都不.句意:这两本杂志,你想要哪一本?——任何一本都行,尽管我发现他们都对我很有用。结合语境可知选D。

我在这陪着你,你不会孤单,即使你越走越远,我还是会留在这。 自己翻译的

when i have you,i don't want others even though they are better than you 翻译:当我有了你,我不想要别人,即使他们比你更好

though[英] [ðəu][美] [ðo] conj.虽然,尽管;即使;纵然 adv.可是,但是;不过;然而;话虽这样说 prep.但 (1)尽管;虽然 You use though to introduce a statement in a subordinate clause which contrasts with the stateme...

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