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shortlisted 入围 很高兴为您解答 如果有疑问,请追问

Shortlisted applicants 入围的申请人,入围的求职者,初审合格者 Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview. 入围的申请人可能需要参加面试。

shortlisting 候选名单 双语对照 例句: 1. Criteria for shortlisting candidates could be similar to those listed by the imfboard in the procedure that led to the appointment of christine lagarde:distinguished record as an economic...

是求职用的吧? 请在申请的同时递交自荐信和简历。我们会联系通过初试进入复试的人。 楼上的回答的很正确。 cover letter 具体来说就是一封信,有些类似于我们求职时写的自荐信,主要就是对个人情况(何处获知招聘信息,应聘何职位等等)的简单...

short-listed candidate 释义 入围的候选人 candidate 英-['kændɪdeɪt; -dət] 美-[ˈkændɪˌdet, -dɪt] 释义 n. 候选人,候补者;应试者


他还入围inaugral itv3惊悚片奖

was screened as a feature length TV film on Christmas Eve 1999 by the BBC. Alex's recent novel 'The Speed of the Dark' was shortlisted for the 20...

2001 Shortlisted for Second Phase, Managed Workspace, RIBA competition (Yorkshire, Great Britain)2002 First Prize, Tokyo University of Agricultural, Exhibition...

Well I entered, and have just got word that my work got short-listed and will be appearing at Melbourne Museum!我进去了,而且被告之我的作品已入围将被...

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